Abafana bes’tayela


This right here is BoyzNBucks also known as Abafana bes’tayela like the title says . They are a group of South African friends who are all about pushing Street Culture and each of them specialise in a different Craft. They’ve  been referred to as the “Asap Mob of Mzansi” because just like Asap mob members, they share the same interest in art,music,fashion,style and they are a hip hop collective too. The taxi driver dance trending out there mostly in South Africa was invented by these same guys and if you don’t know about it yet, i suggest you google it. This Clique consist of rappers,djs,presenters,actors,fashion designers, film directors and producers namely;
•Stilo magolide
•U sanele
•Scoop Makhathini
•Ricky rick
And they’re here to change the game afterall “the game needs change” right?
So I couldn’t find an exact documentary based on them but you can watch this one by sprite where they are featured;

Find them on your social networks;
Facebook: Boyznbucks
Instagram; @Boyznbucks


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