The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg


Well this is more like a late post since the album was released on the 14th of August 2014 but Hey, it’s “better late than never” because this is something I felt the need to share with you. Now this is the debut album by a band from South Africa called Beatenberg which consist of 3 members namely Matthew Field( lead singer)
,Ross Dorkin( bass player) and Robin Brink(drumer).


Matthew Field(left) Robin Brink(middle) Ross Dorkin(right)

It falls under pop in Genre and my review on the album is It sounds So Damn Good! With many electric guitar layers
It reminds me of the likes of Beethoven, Debussy, Paul Simon and John Coltrane plus with singles like chelsea blakemore, pluto and Rafael which has spent 7 weeks as the most played song on South African radio the album is definately a classic.  According to me I would say this is by far the best 2014 album out in Mzansi but that’s just me you should listen to it for yourself to agree or disagree so do get it here on global itunes;


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