The London version of David blaine

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You’ve probably heard of him but Troy Von Scheibner is one of the coolest street magicians out there right now. His tv series (Troy) introduced me to him. From then on I was so amazed with the amount of surprises and awe this guy can bring to people to the point where I  started to consider becoming a magician. Similar to Dynamo this guy can perfom magic literally from just anything but the things that attracted me to him were the way he dresses and his interest in comic books just like in one of the episodes where he takes powers from a comic book mutant (Electricks)
and then he….in fact just watch the stunt here to see for yourself. I tried to search for full episodes of his series on youtube but I only found ones in Portuguese but here is a playlist of some of the stunts from the series or watch the full episodes in Portuguese below:
episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4
episode 5
And visit his site here for more info:

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