N.A.H Top 20 (March)

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Introducing a new and long overdue addition to New Age History. Once a month we will give you our top 20 songs. The list is in no particular order so worry not if your favorite song is last. It’s ok to be last on this list. Comment in the comments section to let us know what you think and which songs you think should be featured. Here are March’s top 20 songs: 

1. Kanye West – Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 (Ft. Kid Kudi)

Taken off Yeezy’s TLOP. Kanye teams up with Kid Kudi once again. This song just gives me peace. Not the part where he talks about feeling like an asshole and all that comes before that though. Yeezy really inspires creativity and being true to oneself and I think that’s really important in the world. 

2. Jaden Smith – 4My1

  This has to be the first song I actually listened to by Jaden. I didn’t understand the song until he rapped/sang ‘what is you talkin bout?’ Having no clue what he was talking about, I had to play it again, and again, and again. I’m with the vibe.

3. PARTYNEXTDOOR – No Feelings (Ft. Travis Scott)

Well this song’s certainly not new. Sounds from the 6. Party links up with Travis Scott on this weed, codeine and cocaine induced. Though I do not promote the substances, the results do speak. I’m not sure about the implications of the last line. Just get the song.

4. G-Eazy – Order More (Ft. Starrah)

Gerald sure wasn’t playing any games on his latest record. Starrah let’s it be known that ordering is, at the very least, ok. G-Eazy sings his verses which is a great contrast from all the, more than, solid raps he delivered throughout the album.

5. Travis Scott – Wonderful (Ft. The Weekend)

It’s great to hear the variety of Scott’s creations. The rapper works with The Weeknd to make my kinda party song. Well, these days. Maybe sometimes. 

6. Johnny Rain – Dance

Dance is from Jonny’s latest EP dubbed EP1. 81 BPM as he talks about pills, not giving a fuck, and that’s not even why I like this song. Partly, perhaps partly. If you’ve been keeping up with Johnny Rain, I’m sure you’ll appreciate his musical evolution and journey. The 22 year old Carlifonia artist sounds really happy on this song which is not very typical of him.

7. Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime

Coldplay have been around for more than just some time now. Having long certified themselves as great artists, they still push the boundary. I suspect Adventure of a Lifetime and it’s incredible video is gonna be one of my favorite songs for a long time.

8. Jazz Cartier – Sticks and Move

I was put on to Jazz a year ago by a homie of mine. Sticks and Move is off Jazz’s latest project titled Hotel Paranoia. On one of the songs he says he be turning down features cos he can do it better himself. He’s proven that to be true with his musical abilities. I would still like to hear him on a song with Big Sean, but whatever.

9. Quentin Miller – Newton Freestyle 

What would 2015 be without Q.M? Well, I know 2016 wouldn’t have been quite the same for me if he hadn’t released this song. Bonafide theme song quite some time now. 

10. Kirk Knight – Ground Running

Has Kirk Knight been releasing for a long time? If so, please let me know where to find his music. After seeing the Brooklyn producer and rapper on an interview a very long time ago, I have been eagerly waiting for his own project. I have been following a lot of his work on various projects he featured on as a producer. Ground Running is from Knight’s debut album titled Late Knight Special. 

11. Pusha T – MTFR (Ft. The Dream)

The Dream’s beeen working. No typo. Pusha T’s last 10 track project has quite a number of features, but this one has to be my favorite. This is really the song I want to hear at the club. It reeks luxury. Weird combination of words, but you get what I’m saying right? 

12. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – Section 

Hey, they got London On The Track. Rocking Polo pajamas and shitting on niggas. 2 Chainz and Tunechi sound like they’re on top of things with this joint. 2 Chainz delivered really well on the hook and both rappers spit solid verses to match that. 

13. Drake – Summer Sixteen 

Apparently this is the first single from Drake’s “Views From the 6” record. The song samples Brian Bennet and The Winans. The latter being one of my favorite Gospel groups. If Views will sound anything like this then I’m really happy because he will be rapping more. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

14. Rihanna – Needed Me 

Needed me is from Rihanna’s eighth studio album. On this Mustard produced song, she shows exactly why she’s BadGalRiri. She beautifully breaks a nigga’s heart and puts it out there she was needed. Hey, man. It’s Rihanna

15. Ari Lennox – Backseat (Ft. Cozz)

Ari Lennox is a new signee on Cole’s Dreamville. I’ve always been a sucker for vocals and I I fell in love with Lennox’s voice at first listen. I don’t much about her besides the fact that she’s from Washington, D.C. and her soundcloud account has a lot of great songs so go and stream. Certainly hope her full length project or EP will drop soon.

16. Bas – Black Owned Business

I waited a long time for Bas’s album and it was truly worth the wait. “My brother, he told me some niggas just wanna be safe and some niggas just wanna be great.” One of my favorite lines from the song. This song motivates to really be about my business.

17. Kendrick Lamar – Untitled 07 (2014 – 2016)

I won’t lie. I became a true Kendrick Lamar fan on his last album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” I don’t know if it was the incredible outro, the beauty in the message, I don’t know. Just when you think he’s done, Lebron makes it possible for us to get more music. This is one of my favorites from the project.

18. Tory Lanez – Tim Duncan

Tory Lanez continues to inspire and amaze me with his work ethic. After dropping two mixtapes in the Summer, the Toronto artist continues to drop great work. This is one of the two singles I have been playing back to back and couldn’t decide on which one to choose. I think I made a good choice.

19. London Grammar – Wicked Game

This is not really a new song. It’s just timeless to me. 

20. Amir Obe – One Night Thing 

I came across Amir’s EP about a week ago from writing this, maybe two. I liked the whole project. Won’t Find Love In The Hills (name of EP) is the first and only work I have heard from the artist and am certainly in anticipation of more great music.

Well, there you have. Leave your comments below. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to give us your suggestions