Do you Want to be a creative? 


Have you ever wondered what it might take to be considered as a creative in this day and age  (newAge)? well I do…ever since i was a 15 year old because in movies creatives “photographers” carry a camera and have this nice creative studio e.g photo studio and of course there’s the photoshoots where they photograph models (nude most of the time) sounds cliché right? STEREOTYPE.

Man all i can tell you is…you were born a creative its all a matter of how you articulate your ideas

remember that question they ask you in an interview 

“Do you work good independently or in a group?”

Thats pretty much the only question you should ask yourself in becoming a creative because the only obstacles/difficulty/stress about being a creative is brainstorming.  I sometimes have a hard time thinking alone and when that occurs i go chill with friends or family and just spend time with them, i know everytime the conversations pause ideas will flow in its not necessarily about being in a group  but your presence and being aware of your surroundings and pay less attention to your phone screen.