5 best apps I recommend for photo editing



Those of you who go around commenting on people’s pictures asking “what app did you use?”
Well I have went and collected a few of some of the cool apps which you can use for editing pictures with your smartphones whether you are an android or iOS user and for those using windows phones or blackberry sorry:( but some of the apps listed below you can search or check them in your app stores they might be available.
I managed to find only 5 best apps which I have used before;

5 Vscocam

Most faded pictures you see out there online are edited using this app. Its an easy app to use where you can fade,contrast,saturate, tint etc by just adjusting these effects and the quality of the pictures stay’s the same also you can purchase filters.
To see some of the samples search for #VscoCam on instagram.

4 PicsArt

Picsart is for those of you who want to be artistic I can say it’s more like the Photoshop of Smartphones where you can do a variety of editing
And it has many features you can discover in it. The app has almost all the features that comes with all these 5 apps listed, its a full package.

3 Camera Hdr studio

Another filter that is dominating the online scenes right now is the Hdr filter, well Camera Hdr studio consisting of a lot of hdr filters and it has about 70 effects. If your inlove with hdr I recommend this app.

2 Photofy

Photofy its more like picsart even though I like its fonts when writting texts on pictures it still doesn’t come anywhere close to picsart but for cool fonts I recommend this app.

1 Snapseed

If I were to compare these listed 5 apps with the Big five snapseed would be the Lion. This app has been praised as the first class photo editing software. With snapseed you can control filters and effects by just adjusting and tweaking with tune image. The app is very easy to use and it has a variety of filters and effects.

All these apps are free and I hope I have helped. Enjoy!