“Free My Niggas”

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We caught up with “The OD Sniper,” Roy Machel for a quick interview after a recording session in the ever-busy downtown, Johannesburg.

For those who don’t know yet, Machel is a South African rapper born in Elim, Limpopo. He put out his first single titled “The Fall” early this year and has been showing enormous growth with each release. 

What’s happening, man? It’s great to finally have a seat with you to learn more about you and your content-filled music 

“Yeah yeah. Im glad to be here my g”

Briefly describe who Roy is.What do you do?

“Uhm…..Roy is a rapper,song writer”

What inspired you to do what you’re doing?

“I’ve alway found this hiphop culture fascinating from early age,the lifestyle,the attitude,the messages behind the bars and shit…I’ve always wanted people to hear my opion on things,and hiphop was the only thing i thought would get my truth out there. From an early age”

How have your experiences been in the industry?

“We still on the come up,we still in the kitchen cooking up. I’m learning as much as i can about the industry. Studio time,team meetings and stuff been hella nice. So I’m kinda prepared”

What are you currently working on?

“A whole lot of things, but you should be on the look out for my debut EP titled Heartbreak Weekend. You can expect that anytime this year”

What can people expect from your EP?

“The Truth. A story about change.”

How would you describe your music?

“Street poetry, the black truth. That might be a bit too much. But im just on my street pastor steez. I’m a trapstar, but i wouldn’t call my music trap. I just make music”

How do you differentiate your sound/music from the “present/commercial” daily sound?

“The sound is authentic,everything is real. Own concepts, flows… I’m not trying to make something just to appeal to the peaple, I’m doing it my way, the real way”

Who have you worked with previously, or even recently?

“Once worked on something with a childhood homie of couple years back. Currently its just myself and my producer, Deckstar who’s just changed his name to “Lincoln Long” (laughs). I’m trying to collaborate as little as possible right now because we still got a lot of ideas and moods to put out first”

Are you currently signed with any record label?

“Yeah. Im with OD”

What’s OD, for those who don’t know?

“OD is a record label, Ohne Dämpfer Music, which means ‘without a mute’ in english. Its a movement about to revolutionize the music scene”

What’s your ultimate goal in the industry?

“The throne abviously,but i also want to help myself and others jump out the system. Instead of doing whats expected from you,do what you expect from you. If you have a dream, pursue that no matter what your parents or friends will say”

What inspires you?

“Life. My life experiences, you know. The things I come across in this jungle”

What should people expect from you in a near/distant future?
“Geniune music, geniune music”

Most rappers or musicians believe they are what ‘the game’ needs, what do you think sets you apart?

“Like I said, I don’t just do it just to appeal to the people, I do it because it has to be done. It was written”

If there was one thing you would like people to remember you for, what would it be?

“That I did it my way”

Thank you very much for your time and all the best with the dream, man 

“Thank you and thanks for the interview”

Follow the links below to stream and download Merchant by Roy Machel. You can also follow him on Twitter or like his Facebook page from the links provided. 

Until our next story, keep on making history!


Twitter: @roymachel_od

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/roymachelod


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Over the past few days I’ve been reluctant about writing this, but I just feel somebody out there might want to hear it. I’ve been having moments lately, sad ones but I’ve managed to pull out that smiley face after it all.

There comes a time in life where everything is just bleak and dry. You start wondering what exactly your ultimate purpose in life is. Questions with no answers fill up your head and gets you raving mad, making you want to scream out loud. I have had such moments countless times. They made me surrender and just want to be that person who just lives with no purpose and strategy for anything in life. At such times, one thing that made complete sense to me was reading people’s thoughts and writing whatever came to mind. Nothing apart from written words made sense.

Life has no formula. Anything happens at anytime. Sometimes you just feel down and dull for no apparent reason. It happens to almost everyone. One best strategy to help you get by is to simply expect the unexpected and have analytical effective strategy. Learn more about yourself. I know this might sounds crazy but creating silly hypothetical situations in your head can help you in many ways. You are more likely to have things going easy for you when you engage your mind in such random situation because then, you will know who you are and what you prefer over anything else. Things get more hard when you do not understand yourself because you will not really know how to tackle unfortunate circumstances and make them work for your good.

People are different, this might not work for some of you. When I’m at my worst, I prefer solitude over company. Some prefer company over solitude, which is still fine, long as it gets rid of the heavy burden. When life don’t make any possible sense, all you have to do is to engage yourself in what at all times make absolute sense FOR YOU and before you know it, everything is just crystal clear.

Do not runaway, remain stagnant and face it.


Suli Breaks, the Expressionist.

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Suli Breaks

I have always been a lover of poetry, in all forms. From written to spoken word. So, with a great honor, please allow me introduce you to Suli Breaks!!  A UK controversial, conscientious and incredible poet who became known for his “Why i hate school but love education” spoken word. This video became viral in 2012 on YouTube (currently with over 5 and half million views), it attracted so much reasonable attention from most parts of the world. I’m not ashamed to say I’m almost addicted to his thoughts and perception of life in general. He has released his debut audio project entitled “The Dormroom”, you can access it from the links provided below. He knows what it means to creatively touch people’s soul through art. You do NOT want his existence to be foreign to you. Please familiarise yourself with Suli, I promise you it’s worth every second of your time. You do not have to be a lover of poetry for you to know or give him your time. I can go on and on about him cos he’s that awesome but for now, You can access his stuff on the link(s) down below:



Enjoy 🙂

The Expressionist.

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Here is one of Africa’s.  really really Really! Creative Photographers


He Is also a,blogger,writer,radio presenter and  a guy with fashion Sense.
Born in a township called Thembisa in South Africa, Anthony Has a unique sense of style which he Expresses on his photography.The Guy’s Photography in Particular is about South African and African Fashion. The Pictures this mister captures are amazing and so Extra-ordinary. In an interview by Adidas when he was asked about doing portraits. He responded by saying
Whether you’re an angry,happy or sad person; I want authenticity in my portraits, no makeup, no frills, no masks. I look to capture moments: what you’re feeling in that specific moment in time. This proves more challenging but when you succeed, the results often speak for themselves.” And indeed the results speaks for themselves;

You can check out more of his photography here;

New School Gentlemen

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I See A Different You is a “project” formed by Vuyo Mpanthsa, Innocent Mukheli and his twin brother Justice Mukheli. It was somewhere last year when I overheard these guys’ interview on some radio station. I felt intrigued and hooked by their interview that I had to google them. The results I got, astounding! I instantly followed them on social networks.

It brings so much pleasure to discover people who see things differently from the way the society does. These guys are on some other undefinable level of epic photography. They make “ugly” look “impressive”, “old” look “new”, “dull” look “lively”. I with no doubt can safely say these are our definite Old School Future feature. I could say a lot about these unique guys but DO check them out.


Instagram: I See A Different You

Twitter: @iseeadifferentyou

Facebook: I See A Different You