Do you Want to be a creative? 


Have you ever wondered what it might take to be considered as a creative in this day and age  (newAge)? well I do…ever since i was a 15 year old because in movies creatives “photographers” carry a camera and have this nice creative studio e.g photo studio and of course there’s the photoshoots where they photograph models (nude most of the time) sounds cliché right? STEREOTYPE.

Man all i can tell you is…you were born a creative its all a matter of how you articulate your ideas

remember that question they ask you in an interview 

“Do you work good independently or in a group?”

Thats pretty much the only question you should ask yourself in becoming a creative because the only obstacles/difficulty/stress about being a creative is brainstorming.  I sometimes have a hard time thinking alone and when that occurs i go chill with friends or family and just spend time with them, i know everytime the conversations pause ideas will flow in its not necessarily about being in a group  but your presence and being aware of your surroundings and pay less attention to your phone screen.


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When restaurants like KFC and MacDonald’s introduced free WiFi in South Africa for kids like me who dont have a rooter and are always on apps like tumblr, apps that consume a lot of data it helped out alot. I’m from a township in Limpopo restaurants that had free WiFi were about 24 km away this meant i had to travel then buy a meal that cost About R100 or more and if you think about it to spend that much amount including transport costs just to use free WiFi it’s an absolutely ridiculous idea. I then relocated to Gauteng after my senior year(matric) and here when I’m in the city either it be Pretoria or Johannesburg free WiFi is abundant just that most of them are daily limited to 250mb or less this means if i want to access unlimited WiFi  i have to go to restaurants like Piatto, these restaurants don’t come cheap so if i have no money(which is most of the time)  i usually stand outside or within range of the WiFi signal but nonetheless unlimited or limited at least i get to feed my brain with new information daily for free also this post your reading it was shared via free WiFi from KFC…i spent R7.90 on ice cream though so i guess in a sense it was not free.

Lord of Digital Maskandi

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Introducing uMashayabhuqe KaMamba a South African zulu artist who makes music off the Genre Digital Maskandi a genre made of a fusion of auto tune,808s,hip hop,maskandi,soulful RnB, trap, dubstep etc which he calls urban maskandi/morden Maskandi/ Umaskandi wase Sandton.

Basically uMashayabhuqe was born on March 29 1987, Birth name is Nsikelelo Christian Ndlovu and he origates from KZN. After finishing his matric he went to UNISA to enroll for BA Communication Science Studies in Durban which he did for 2years. He then went to JHB chasing his dreams of becoming an artist and all his other occupations including radio presenting, acting etc.

Musically he is more of a singer than a rapper and his influences are Thandiswa Mazwai,James Blake, Busi Mhlongo,Dirty Paraffin and Kanye west. Places he grew up in such as his home village and cities like Johannesburg and Durban are also part of his influence. uMashayabhuqe has a single out titled ‘Shandarabaa Ekhelemendeh‘ feat Okmalumkoolkat that is buzzing in the streets of RSA and his Debut Ep ‘Black excellence show’ is so refreshing, it touches on subject matters like religion witchcraft, belief, morden women, life, love, money etc.
You can download it for free here;

And follow him on;
Twitter; @mashayabooqe

Africa’s Richest

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Ventures Compiled a 2014 list of the 55 richest people in Africa and below are the top 20 from that list;

1. Aliko Dangote

Net Worth: $25.7 billion
Industry: Manufacturing
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 57
Number of Jobs Created: 32,900

2. Mike Adenuga

Net Worth: $8 billion
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 61
Number of Jobs Created: 6,080

3. Johann Rupert

Net Worth: $7.8 billion
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 64
Number of Jobs Created: 1,465

4. Folorunsho Alakija

Net Worth: $7.3 billion
Industry: Oil andGas
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 63
Number of Jobs Created: 800

5. Nassef Sawiris

Net Worth: $6.9 BILLION
Industry: Construction
Country of Citizenship: Egypt
Age: 53
Number of Jobs Created: 29,108

6. Nicky Oppenheimer

Net Worth: $6.5 BILLION
Industry: Mining
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 69
Number of Jobs Created: 15,365

7. Allan Gray

Net Worth: $6.2 BILLION
Industry: Financial Services
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 76
Number of Jobs Created: 23,345

8. Prince Arthur Eze

Net Worth: $5.8 BILLION
Industry: Oil andGas
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 62
Number of Jobs Created: 1,000

9. Gilbert Chagoury

Net Worth: $4.3 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 68
Number of Jobs Created: 6,550

10. Nathan Kirsh

Net Worth: $3.8 BILLION
Industry: Real Estate
Country of Citizenship: Swaziland
Age: 87
Number of Jobs Created: 870

11. Cletus M. Ibeto

Net Worth: $3.7 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 62
Number of Jobs Created: 4,500

12. Christoffel Wiese

Net Worth: $3.6 BILLION
Industry: Retail
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 73
Number of Jobs Created: 9,107

13. Isabel Dos Santos

Net Worth: $3.5 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Angola
Age: 41
Number of Jobs Created: 3,378

14. Othman Benjelloun

Net Worth: $3.1 BILLION
Industry: Financial Services
Country of Citizenship: Morocco
Age: 83
Number of Jobs Created: 21,026

15. Mohammed Mansour

Net Worth: $3 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Egypt
Age: 66
Number of Jobs Created: 24,926

16. Issad Rebrab

Net Worth: $3 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Algeria
Age: 70
Number of Jobs Created: 10,500

17. Benedict Peters

Net Worth: $2.7 BILLION
Industry: Oil andGas
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 48
Number of Jobs Created: 11,000

18. Naguib Sawiris

Net Worth: $2.5 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Egypt
Age: 60
Number of Jobs Created: 17,850

19. Patrice Motsepe

Net Worth: $2.5 BILLION
Industry: Mining
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 52
Number of Jobs Created: 6,851

20. Youssef Mansour

Net Worth: $2.3 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Egypt
Age: 69
Number of Jobs Created: 18,875

you can click here to view the complete list with details on how these people generate income.

Strcrd 2014

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Despite being Africa’s #1 street culture brand that manifests itself through
authentic engagement via trade shows and relevant content Strd is also a youth culture event that takes place annually in South Africa where the coolest kids in South Africa meet up and be themselves which is being cool but not only does these cool kids meet up there are also brand exhibitions like 2Bop, Sgod, nike, daily paper, adidas, converse, butanwear, pieces by pap, BMK, lost property and many more that have appeared at STRCRD. Music performances also take place with guest artists in the previous events like theophilus london and Jesse Boykins III  this year’s event has great anticipations. 2014 will be the event’s 5th year and it has been revealed that KreativeBeings, Sophisticated Monkey Brand (SMB), DIPStreet Store, Vans,, Markham , IKHOKHA, Stylista, Refiek The Barber,Debut Store , Ayashisa Amateki will be the exhibition brands also Lazi “Greiispaces” Mathebula has been revealed as the guest designer and it is said that Virgil Abloh will appear at the event.
The event is taking place at Constitution Hill, Kotze Street, Braamfontein
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Time: 07/11/2014  14:00
             08/11/2014  11:00
You can get the tickets for the event here;
And for more updates on the event go to;
Below are some of the images from STRCRD 2013


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Ladies and gentleman I present to you VIBES! This is a Hip Hop album by an american Rapper Theophilus London, whose Executive Producer is the mighty and legendary Kanye West, Yes! It will be released on the 4th of November and me? I am pretty excited about it for the following reasons;
1 It features the likes of Jesse Boykins III, Devnote hynes, Soko. and Leon Ware
2 I listened to one of the tracks in VIBES titled “Can’t Stop” which features a Kanye West verse which is reminiscent of the old school Kanye.
3 IT’S BY THEOPHILUS LONDON, Duh!! I’ve been waiting for this dude to release an album since Timez Are Weird These Days cause I was hooked to his stuff after hearing it.

So, if you want something different from what you usually hear on radio something with soul, meaning and VIBES I recommend that you get this album, also when you Pre order you get 3 tracks instantly;

And for more on the album go to;

The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg

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Well this is more like a late post since the album was released on the 14th of August 2014 but Hey, it’s “better late than never” because this is something I felt the need to share with you. Now this is the debut album by a band from South Africa called Beatenberg which consist of 3 members namely Matthew Field( lead singer)
,Ross Dorkin( bass player) and Robin Brink(drumer).


Matthew Field(left) Robin Brink(middle) Ross Dorkin(right)

It falls under pop in Genre and my review on the album is It sounds So Damn Good! With many electric guitar layers
It reminds me of the likes of Beethoven, Debussy, Paul Simon and John Coltrane plus with singles like chelsea blakemore, pluto and Rafael which has spent 7 weeks as the most played song on South African radio the album is definately a classic.  According to me I would say this is by far the best 2014 album out in Mzansi but that’s just me you should listen to it for yourself to agree or disagree so do get it here on global itunes;

Another blogger.

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Today I went to school to write an english paper and out of writting that paper I came out inspired and introduced to Mike Maphoto who is also a blogger and write his blogs from his phone just like I do. He originates from South Africa/Limpopo/Polokwane And works as a lawyer and owns a trucking company. The guy started his online writting by posting opinion articles on facebook and these articles got a lot of followers and sparked debates then in late may 2013 he started a blog called “diary of a zulu girl” about a girl from KwaZulu-Natal who moves to Johannesburg to continue with her studies at a university. After 2 weeks the blog had received about 500 000 views and later he was interviewed by one of the popular radio stations in South Africa where some of the kind callers gave him advice on how to make revenue off the blog. A lot of publishers wanted to sign deals with him but he decided to self-publish the blog. By now he has signed a book deal and has also signed with multiChoice to develop a Tv series based on “diary of a zulu girl“. He also has started other blogs like “Confessions of a SugarBaby” and “Missteps of a young wife” and all this started as a hobbie and now the dude is making money out of it. Honestly this gave me more motive on what were doing with this blog “new age history” and even though we have not once reached our daily target, we are definitely getting somewhere because clearly determination and passion always pays off.

You can check out his blog here;