New School Gentlemen

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I See A Different You is a “project” formed by Vuyo Mpanthsa, Innocent Mukheli and his twin brother Justice Mukheli. It was somewhere last year when I overheard these guys’ interview on some radio station. I felt intrigued and hooked by their interview that I had to google them. The results I got, astounding! I instantly followed them on social networks.

It brings so much pleasure to discover people who see things differently from the way the society does. These guys are on some other undefinable level of epic photography. They make “ugly” look “impressive”, “old” look “new”, “dull” look “lively”. I with no doubt can safely say these are our definite Old School Future feature. I could say a lot about these unique guys but DO check them out.

Instagram: I See A Different You

Twitter: @iseeadifferentyou

Facebook: I See A Different You