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Today I went to school to write an english paper and out of writting that paper I came out inspired and introduced to Mike Maphoto who is also a blogger and write his blogs from his phone just like I do. He originates from South Africa/Limpopo/Polokwane And works as a lawyer and owns a trucking company. The guy started his online writting by posting opinion articles on facebook and these articles got a lot of followers and sparked debates then in late may 2013 he started a blog called “diary of a zulu girl” about a girl from KwaZulu-Natal who moves to Johannesburg to continue with her studies at a university. After 2 weeks the blog had received about 500 000 views and later he was interviewed by one of the popular radio stations in South Africa where some of the kind callers gave him advice on how to make revenue off the blog. A lot of publishers wanted to sign deals with him but he decided to self-publish the blog. By now he has signed a book deal and has also signed with multiChoice to develop a Tv series based on “diary of a zulu girl“. He also has started other blogs like “Confessions of a SugarBaby” and “Missteps of a young wife” and all this started as a hobbie and now the dude is making money out of it. Honestly this gave me more motive on what were doing with this blog “new age history” and even though we have not once reached our daily target, we are definitely getting somewhere because clearly determination and passion always pays off.

You can check out his blog here;