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Over the past few days I’ve been reluctant about writing this, but I just feel somebody out there might want to hear it. I’ve been having moments lately, sad ones but I’ve managed to pull out that smiley face after it all.

There comes a time in life where everything is just bleak and dry. You start wondering what exactly your ultimate purpose in life is. Questions with no answers fill up your head and gets you raving mad, making you want to scream out loud. I have had such moments countless times. They made me surrender and just want to be that person who just lives with no purpose and strategy for anything in life. At such times, one thing that made complete sense to me was reading people’s thoughts and writing whatever came to mind. Nothing apart from written words made sense.

Life has no formula. Anything happens at anytime. Sometimes you just feel down and dull for no apparent reason. It happens to almost everyone. One best strategy to help you get by is to simply expect the unexpected and have analytical effective strategy. Learn more about yourself. I know this might sounds crazy but creating silly hypothetical situations in your head can help you in many ways. You are more likely to have things going easy for you when you engage your mind in such random situation because then, you will know who you are and what you prefer over anything else. Things get more hard when you do not understand yourself because you will not really know how to tackle unfortunate circumstances and make them work for your good.

People are different, this might not work for some of you. When I’m at my worst, I prefer solitude over company. Some prefer company over solitude, which is still fine, long as it gets rid of the heavy burden. When life don’t make any possible sense, all you have to do is to engage yourself in what at all times make absolute sense FOR YOU and before you know it, everything is just crystal clear.

Do not runaway, remain stagnant and face it.