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It’s the 31/12/2015 and today we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016 but i couldn’t leave 2015 with nothing so me being me i set down with Mashamba Livhuwani to bless you with new age history’s final post for this year.
Who is Mashamba Livhuwani and what his about? you’ll have to read below to find out
Photographed by @_joewe_

Mashamba Livhuwani
20 September 1993
born in a township in SOUTH AFRICA/Limpopo called Waterval somewhere between Makhado and Giyani.
Mechatronics engineering at Tshwane University of Technology.

Growing up i had hobbies and admirations to fashion but there were obstacles such as financial issues but that didn’t phase my love for fashion and since following trends was acceptable to society i joined sbujwa where I’d wear colourful skinny jeans and masandazi together with a backpack this led me to join a dance group in Thohoyandou and my advantage to fit in was the fact that i could dance circles around them.
As time passed i started to realise that people out there in the world notice you more than in your hometown cause whenever your in your hometown once you start to establish something new they get this idea that you think your better than everyone and that for me became a reason to target a society outside my community. When i got to university in 2012 i told myself here is where I’ll discover myself and indeed that’s where my calling as a vintage rebel was unveiled.

I remember the first day at campus i saw these 2 guys dressed funny like kids in North America or on Tv holding a vinyl and i asked myself who are these guys? are they crazy or…but one thing for sure i loved the way they were unique and outstanding from everyone else, that’s how i want to be like whenever i dress so from there i became a vintage rebel and in those initial days whenever i dressed it seemed like I’m forcing it cause even now whenever i look at my throwback images i laugh


luckily one of the guys i was in a group with in high School was friends with those two guys actually they are neighbors in Thohoyandou anyway the guy introduced me to them one was Maitele Wawe though I’m not close with them now these guys i admire and Maitele would have a vintage outlet at his crib where we would go and stock in Pretoria.
Time went by and i met other vintage crews e.g Troublesome kids, Retro vintage kolektion owned by Bongani (Bongs) also Retro vintage kolektion was the first to make kids in Pretoria recognize vintage fashion, they had exclusive vintage items which you couldn’t find anywhere else they even hosted a fashion show where i got to meet owner’s of galxboy i even got introduced to other upcoming brands and yeah that’s how my journey of being a fashion icon started.

How i dress:

How i dress since 2012/2013 it was strictly vintage then 2014 the fashion stuff kind of went on the downside cause i was over hooked on weed,girls and alcohol but in late August 2014 i met this honey named Boitumelo Mokwana she’s my ex now but she was into fashion…man that girl revived me cause we used to compete whenever we dressed then later on she introduced me to guys like Norman Tips and “General” these guys are fashionistas and even to-date we still connected then 2015 i branched my vintage outfits to street formal like how I’m dressed now




decribed it’s classic dapper mixed with street style.

You know whenever i dress i just want to stand out it’s not me bragging or anything like that but i just want to stand out for you to see my outfit and applaude me if necessary also it’s about what do you want people to think of you when you’ve left Earth.
When i dress up it’s from monday to sunday in Pretoria but when I’m back home (Waterval) i only dress up when there’s an occasion cause you know how people are back home.
On my outfits I’m picky there’s certain shoes that i like


if i we’re to buy them people would think I’m crazy i remember last time my mom bought me a pair of adidas kicks not that i disliked them those kicks are fresh but in my vision there is no outfit to correspond with those kicks even to-date and when i do wear them that’s when i feel like wearing whatever, with everything i wear it has to match up i don’t want to go out looking like I’m colour blocking or something.

The outfits I’m feeling right now
ripped long line shirts
long jackets (Parka, trenchcoat)
blue ripped tight jeans
Nike roshe runs
palladium boots
and these


outfits I’m not feeling right now
Starter packs
Fake Cash time life clothing
petrol or milk
bucket hats
shorts with long white socks and a pair of chuck Taylors that’s so 2014.

Future plans:
I’m starting a brand titled rubbish in 2016 somewhere around February we gonna preview it.
Members are myself, kwanele DT (kwanza) who will deal with hiphop & Hector the dj/deephouse producer these guys will deal with media we even got samples of socks and caps etc and another thing is rubbish it’s not only fashion we are an entertainment hub cause we want to be independent when we make it….we don’t wanna depend on anyone we want to have in house resources.

i might not be the greatest in fashion but rather than sitting my ass down and relying on society i need to stand up on my own two feet and chase my goals so i can become an idol just like Maitele, Shaun-the stylish, Stilo magolide, Okmalumkoolkat and Ricky Rick…these guys not that they are cults in fashion but they just know the type of texture/element they are looking for in cloth, they do know it. My love for fashion is soul connected somewhere somehow your soul must connect with what you want all and all what im trying to say is with fashion i wanna show my people in Waterval the importance of having a goal…2016 watch out!


MR 1802

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Remember a post i did on @Denier_M(matimu sithole)? well that very same guy introduced me to Mr 1802 an artist i met at 012central Rooftop exhibition an event that was hosted by Adriaan Louw where they were showcasing pictures taken at an #instawalk in Pretoria and 3 of Mr 1802’s images were featured.
How it happed- Denier invited me and he introduced us then we exchanged instagram accounts then 20+ days  later i hit him up and asked if we could meet up for an interview and he agreed fast forward to Friday 27/10/2015 Mr 1802 landed in midrand and we went to MacDonald’s where the interview took place.
I made him pay for his own food though(sorry bruh money problems)
read the interview below.

Describe nhlanhla for me.

uhm…cool dude, Ok not your average cool dude not that braam guy but yeah a cool dude….
(As he was explaining a man who told us his a MacDonald’s supervisor asked ‘what is a cool dude?)
you know when they say your cool? being cool is when you influence people in a good way Like Kanye i know you might think his big headed and his so full of himself but look at it this way he influences a whole lot of people/kids when it comes to fashion,music and i know you might say he curses in his music or whatever but being cool is all about influencing people in a good way
(then the “MacDonald’s supervisor” asked so you wanna be the same as well?)
yes with what i do. I’m a Photographer i also wanna do fashion and influence people in a good way with what i do.
(“McDonald’s supervisor” ‘do you know that kanye makes money out of that?’ after that question he started to explain stuff about the devil etc then the conversation went to a moment of silence for a few seconds luckily his phone rings)

Lets get back to the subject matter.

(“McDonald’s supervisor” interrupts after hanging up his phone and says ‘myself i get paid to sit here and answer phone calls while i watch you guys chilling and talking when month end comes R45000 enters my bank account right now I’m off to the office’ then he stands up and come to our table and tells nhlanhla ‘your eating poison here cancer’ then walks off)

Okay….i was still saying i love art that’s why I’m doing photography…
(“McDonald’s supervisor” interrupt again ‘good luck with your photography!’ while walking away)

Sure, Check out my instagram account @nhlanhla1802…So i love art i feel like art can change the world man, art not being a drawing or painting but anything that is creative and beautiful that’s art for me, I’m an artist.

your an artist but can you tell me about your origins.

Well my name is Nhlanhla Wandile Dlamini born in Johannesburg 1999 October 18 1802 i was raised there and the reason i chose 1802 people thought it was that thing where instagram gives you a name because @nhlanhla already exist nah its not that i chose that myself 1802 being the house that i lived in/the apartment was on the 18th floor room 02…i feel like I’m bringing my past into my future i wanna be known as Mr 1802.

And now you in Centurion when did you move to that side?

I got here in 2005 so i spent like 5 years in Johannesburg and I’ve  been here ever since.

What inspires your photography?

Art, i love art. I feel like my photography is not just photography, there are photographers that just take photos just for taking photos and then there’s an artist for instance me you saw the light paintings on my instagram?


me: Yeah, i saw those.

i was just drawing in the air i feel like i used photography to paint i just did art with my photography.

and i kept wondering how you made those light paintings.

you know what i did? i put a DSLR on 30seconds shutter speed, the shutter and aperture was open as wide as possible ISO was on 100, aperture on 5.6 or something and then i just took my phone put the flash on and just drew.

the one that i like is that one with Nike shoes and light in the background.

And that one i was just fooling around with the light but apart from fooling around i just wanted to show my shoes.

speaking of shoes are you a sneaker head and what are your other interests?

Jaap, at the moment I’m using photography to start my way into fashion i wanna go study in New York at the Parsons school of fashion it’s like one of the best fashion schools in the world that’s my dream man and i feel like photography is gonna boost my fashion brand cause I’ll be known already and it’ll just kick off in a nice way.

It’s like you certain about fashion.
Right now are you studying/designing?

nhlanhla: yeah

me: can you draw?

Like i said I’m an artist, i haven’t done that in a while and the last time i drew was in my light paintings i can do a lot of things bruh…I’ve made a song one time it went well but it wasn’t …

were you singing or?

it was a beat but i didn’t finish it.

Wow you produced the beat yourself?

Yeah, it’s not only photography that i do but photography is my main.

photography is what sparked this interview.

yeah its what shows I’m an artist, my art inspired you,cool dude,inspire people,influence people, that’s what made this interview! i inspired you.

you really have inspired me man.
Tell me about your gigs/photoshoots that you’ve done so far and the money?

I’ve only done 10 gigs, there’s this one friend that really support me his name is Lebokgang his gonna check out your stuff and his gonna see his name, he has a fashion brand “DEU” i did plenty of photoshoots for him in braam he really supports me he likes my stuff. There’s this one girl Neo Kwala i feel like she’s my biggest fan I’ve been friends with her since grade 8 she love my instagram page bruh if there’s one person that you’d have to ask about my photos is Neo she would know.

me: the money?

right now I’m not making much if you wanna ask me about money come next year cause I’m only blowing up now a few have liked my photos e.g Levis the actual brand they took their time and went to their tags and like my photo a photo that i took and just to think of it Levis a big brand they get hundred and thousands of tags everyday and they decided to like my photo on that day? that must mean something.

yeah it does mean something.

another thing my photos don’t get a lot of likes and stuff I’m just blowing up now man.

your influenced by art but are there people that you look up to?

there’s this friend of mine named Simphiwe instagram @simiato that guy his the actual reason i started photography. On a rainy night i was out with him and we stood outside for 30 minutes actually he made me stand with him just waiting for lightning strikes and when he finally got that shot i was like dude how did you do that? ever since that day I’ve never stopped learning about photography…but there’s other people like Adriaan Louw,okmalumkoolkat though his not a photographer but his a designer so his art boost my creativity.

by the way what do you use to shoot?




i use my phone and a camera when ever i can borrow one.

music wise who do you listen to?

okmalumkoolkat 100k macassette that whole mixtape, I’ve been a fan of him ever since dirty paraffin do you know that group?

yeah i know that group?

yeah I’ve been a fan of him ever since then and I’m also bumping J Cole,Kendrick and drake.

so their music or them e.g okmalumkoolkat as a person influence you?

musically and as a person and with okmalumkoolkat i almost have a similar story to him i didn’t struggle that much but bruh he came from the slums and his making it right now that’s what inspired me also these guys Kendrick and J Cole those guys inspire me a lot bruh…i forgot to mention Joey Badass that guy tells stories with his music i tell stories with my photos its all about telling stories with me bruh.

speaking of stories what stories are you trying to portray with your photography?

well i just don’t post anything e.g my recent photos i posted them in black&white some of them well 3 of them it’s all about Africa and being  dark skinned




i told a story with that i feel like i wanna inspire people i don’t even know how to say it but there’s always a deeper meaning to my photos if you look carefully even though my captions might be short there’s always a deeper meaning to them…look at my photos,look at my captions you’ll click at the same time if you know me very well, my close friends they know me Mpho, Asakhe, Sitha, Tino and Xhanti they know whenever i post something on instagram they’ll be like ‘oh this is what this guy is portraying this is what he want to send out with his photo’.

i hear you, i have this one question i plan on asking everyone i interview.
For someone like me who’s into art and stuff and who’s still aspiring but not sure if they want to pursue  because of what society thinks or they afraid they won’t make money etc what advice you have
for them?

i would say don’t give up for instance me when i started this photography stuff i started with an iPod with only a front camera…

wait what, only a front camera?

i told you don’t let lack of equipment limit you if you let that limit you,you wont get anywhere also society cause just like me right now to tell the truth there’s a whole lot of photographers and most…I’m gonna sound like I’m hating but a lot of things for me look the same. I didn’t let the lack of equipment stop me,i didn’t let people who were telling me no wena your just a copy cat following people,i didn’t let that stop me so don’t let anything stop you just pursue what you want if you work hard you’ll get it.

you just have to push?

you have to push that’s the only way.

Denier once told me these words “your interest determines your success”…

and the circles you hang out with. If your gonna hangout with the circle that’s gonna tell you nah nigga you ain’t gonna make it, nah dawg you just a copycat you wont make it…my friends i always tell them ‘guys hustle trust me one day we gonna make it’ i always tell my friend Mpho Mashabane that ‘dawg we gonna make it one day bruh trust me’ just push that’s all you have to do. I’m a 16 year old…

and your influencing a 19 year old.

not only you I’ve influenced a whole lot of people…look I’m just 16, 16! and I’m still in high school where do i find the time to do this i make time if you love something you’ll push.

i hear you and since there’s a whole pool of photographers what’s so different about you that makes you believe you’ll make it?

Determination. I feel like most of these cats that are my age they just doing it for just doing it they not doing it for the love….

they doing it for likes on instagram and girls comments?

yeah, I’m just trying to push my art dawg i just want the whole world to see i don’t just want to be another photographer…nah i wanna push art bruh.

that’s the direction your headed everything even school will be based on art?

yeah and a lot of people might tell me you not gonna make money, trust me I’m gonna make it and it’s not all about money if you love something you’ll do it with passion money will drive you crazy don’t do things for money but we can’t live without money that’s why I’m like if you like something and you good at it make people pay if they really love your art they will pay for it. I’m not pushing money only but man nothing is free in this world.

about Braamfontein are you also a #braamkid?

not really but i do hangout in braam…whenever I’m in braam I usually hangout with Lebo or Trendsend 90 those are my friends, those 3 guys well 2 of them influenced me with this fashion thing.

even neighbour goods market?

yeah I’ve actually wanted to print my art/photos then showcase them there and just sell a few cause even in Pretoria there’s 012 central i also wanna showcase there and they told me its cool we need more people like you to showcase their art come through anytime will get you a spot.



which instagram accounts do you suggest a person must follow?

@Simiato that’s my friend his also an artist like me.

that’s all i can think of right now but there’s a whole lot more trust me owh and @hypebeast.

what’s your conclusion?

let me make up a quote
“I’m 16 and I’m doing it, you can too” 

instagram @nhlahla1802

Let me motivate you some more

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You’ve probably read an article similar to this one more than a100 times but there’s this quote that states
“People often say that motivation
doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that’s why its  recommended daily.”

On this planet we exist in there are so many crafts and none of them are meant for anyone only those who believe and do something about these crafts coquer then end up as if they were born to do them. It all comes back to this quote “no one is entitled to anything”   everything on earth infact in the universe you can do. All these jobs, activities and so called talents that exist  you can do them afterall “they were created by someone who is no smarter than you” steve job said it.i wanted to give you an example by someone famous or well known but i’ll just tell you about myself. I remember when i used to look at @deckstar_od‘s edits back in the day and i would always question myself how did he do it until i got the tools to do it but what amaze’s me is not just the edits but his different way of editting together with the photographs he shoots… so then i taught myself to edit but by the time i got good at it everyone had smartphones with quality mega pixels which meant they can shoot nice photographs and edit with the same tools as me. I then decided to edit differently from everyone and right now from some of my work you can consider me as a creative.



And guess what?
The very same guy who inspired me requested that i start writting for this blog  because he saw my cool work. So far i photograph, edit images and blog also i know iam not as big or good as i think iam but everytime i write or edit or photograph its a learning curve i keep improving and someone out there is watching. The other day i set down with this other guy who said to me “xin’wani na xin’wani lexi uxi ndlaku hambi i xikolo kumbe u dj or wa cina etc loko kuri switaku hanyisa khomelela ka swona” translated in english whatever good your doing wether its school or you are a dj or dancer etc if you know you can make a living off it hold on to it and invest in it.  My brother and sister you can do anything you want, i know it sounds clichè but  it’s true, there is no person who is entitled to anything we all got the potential all  you need to do is invest your time in it and be open to learning and always know if you share it there will always be someone who’s watching.

By @_joewe_


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Meet Kgotso Mdakani a creative based in South Africa/vosloorus who is more of a “VISUALS” guy that believes he “eats images died or alive” this i quote from his bio. I got to know of him through facebook  but the one thing that really caught my attention was his photography so I decided to approach him and lucky for me he was cool enough to take his time and allow me to interview him.
The interview took place on facebook and
Below is how it went;

So tell me
who exactly is Kgotzo Olason M and
how this photography stuff came
(Before answering he first sent his bio)


DNEPE's bio

Iam a creative being who loves art
with passion. I believe that everyone
has it in them they just need to let
loose and explore whatever may come
to their presents in time. I like to listen
to music, I studied animation for two
years at AFDA and did Television
studies as well as film writing. I have
shot few Documentaries and directed a
few. I am based in vosloorus that’s my
Home . I am 25 years old. I love
conceptualizing Commercials like
I have a visual mind, I am a mama’s
boy lol who was looked after by
Grandparents. I like grey, green,white
and Black. I edit video. I was editing U
skroef no sexy , and Hush on etv. I got
a Degree in Motion Picture .
Photography to me is life in imagery,
So I like to believe that i LIVE

Nice I’m guessing this is what you do
for a living right now?


Lol I see you’ve pretty much answered
all questions I had in mind but back
when you were younger (back in high
School) were “VISUALS” a career
choice for you?

Media is been something In my head, I
was not sure where but a lot of people
in class even the teachers thought I’ll
be an actor, or comedian , due to me
being funny in class and always acting
stupid roles in class. One thing I know,
I was always drawing since primary so
at home they thought do visual art for
I was that good.


so for you it was not about the typical
“becoming an engineer,doctor etc”?

No I was not there, I know alot about
it, but I didn’t choose to be one. “Doctor”
was always in the art


Haha yeah I get you anyhow besides
art/visuals what are your other

I dont think I have , it has to be anything
in the art, like music , animation,
composing, writing, editing or shooting,
so I switch around those fields. image


yeah I like that two, still in the art 🙂 image

Well this is my last question… For
someone like me who’s into art and stuff
and who’s still aspiring but not sure if
they want to pursue  because of what
society thinks or they afraid they won’t
make money etc what advice you have
for them?

first of all we all have to make money
but that is not the foundation of what
we love or what we enjoy doing. you
can’t enjoy making money but you can
be addicted to it. I am trying to say Do
what’s best for you and make sure is
something that you love and enjoy
doing . if you haven’t found yourself explore within your fields. you have all
the time to learn and master what you
wanna do then the money will flow in.
but if you choose things according to
people, you will have a problem. As time
goes you will get bored quickly, be
lazy and change it. So the best advice
is to take your time man I know a lot of
things today and I am working with people
who want me to direct tv shows and
make films but I told myself that I need
to master my fields for when I go in I


Mmh that makes a whole lot of
sense thank you very much man for
both the interview and advice.



Such a cool guy, for more on DNEPE check out these facebook pages;

1st #tbt

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image It’s throw back Thursday! And today’s throwback goes out to one of our authors here on new age history @deckstardj(instagram).Besides being an author/producer/creative…He’s also an aspiring photographer who captures amazing images using just his phone, you can sometimes mistake the images he captures for images taken via an advanced digital camera….He’s literally that good! Take a look at these samples of his photography ( dont mind the image quality);

“They got the dropout keeping kids in the school”

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On the 2nd of march 2015 kanye west went to Oxford
University’s Museum of Natural
History in London where he gave a 20 minutes lecture and if you are wondering what it was about we have the full script of the lecture right here for you to find out… but according to us it was an inspiring and mind enriching lecture.

(Beware of explicit content)

“I’ll take one question. I wanted to vibe off
an idea, and then I can riff off of that…
they said I’ve got 20 minutes or so, I might
go longer.

“OK, everyone please be completely quiet,
because I can literally hear a whisper, and
it’ll throw off my stream of consciousness,
and when I get my stream of consciousness
going that’s when I give the best, illest
quotes. Literally, a whisper can throw it

“Today was the first time I realised, If I
could have done it again I would have gone
to the Art Institute over the American
Academy of Art, I would have researched
where I could have got the best and the
strongest education.

“And I’m sure this will end up online, so I
don’t want to diss anyone at the American
Academy, I’m sure it’s equal to the Art
Institute of Chicago by now, but at the
time I was going I would look around at the
work of the class and not feel inspired by
the teachers, and I kinda, the idea of being
a fine artist, that’s a really difficult
profession to get into, to be respected in,
to make money at. Maybe the goal for
some of the people was just to work at an
advertising agency or at a record label.

“My goal, if I was going to do art, fine art,
would have been to become Picasso or

“That always sounds so funny to people,
comparing yourself to someone in the past
that has done so much, and in your life
you’re not even allowed to think that you
can do as much. That’s a mentality that
suppresses humanity.

“Some of you here probably remember the
night when the Donda tweets came through
me and I started talking about professions
that you guys are going into, that seemed
they had nothing to do with a rapper. I was
talking about a band of thinkers that could
remove religion, race, gender, and
somehow come together to find solutions
for a broken planet.

“We have the resources as a civilisation to
find a utopia, but we’re led by the most
greedy and the least noble.
“What I notice about creatives is that, and
one of the reasons why I get into trouble,
is, not only do I want to design video
games, or make music, or ride bikes, I think
one of the most important things to my
ability to create so much in the past 30
years is my desire to play sports. I
approach creativity like a sport, where if I
have a drawing I react just like a jock:

“We’re all creatives here, we’re all born
artists. Some people are artists of business,
some people are artists of composition.

“We were taught to hide our black
fingernail polish and put our head down in
the back of the class and not notice out of
fear that someone might laugh at one of
our ideas – that our idea could become a
mockery or a failure in some way.

“There’s a Bible saying, ‘No weapon formed
against me shall prosper’. Recently I’ve
been doing interviews and I’ve had to go
back to this verse because I don’t think
there’s a living celebrity with more weapons
formed against them, but I also don’t think
there’s one more prosperous. So what
weapons have prospered? The smoke and
mirrors of other opinions.

“I was sitting with Steve McQueen, he shot
the visuals for All Day 2 days ago, it’s
completely different to the Brit awards.

“So it doesn’t get taken out of context, I’m
going to use the word ‘like’. I’m not saying
it is, I’m using it as a comparison. So
people that want to say ‘Kanye goes to
Oxford and tells everyone blah blah blah’.
And I’m not telling you this. I’m telling you
what I told Steve McQueen in private.

“What I said was The Matrix is like the Bible
of the post-information age.

“I compared it like, when the hundred guys
come at Neo, those are opinions, that’s
perception, that’s tradition. Attacking
people from every which angle possible. If
you have a focus wide and master senseis
like Laurence Fishburne and you have a
squad behind you, you literally can put the
world in slow motion.

“It’s still February, right? (security guard
shakes his head, everyone laughs).

“By the way, I don’t know the days of the
week. I just go to exactly when my
appointment is.

“We’d just look at each other and say, it’s
still February. For the sheer mount of work
that we were able to put into the world.
Some of the stuff had been worked on for
years coming, months coming. But
nonetheless they came back to back to
back to back. Answering every crazy
interview question, blocking every shot,
catching every rebound. Aside from the
right I don’t have to give my opinion
publicly about artists, I probably would
have been batting 2000. I know that’s
incorrect also.

“This humanity that I talk about, this
civilisation that I talk about, this future
utopia I talk about…it can only happen
through collaboration.

“I love Steve Jobs, he’s my favourite
person, but there’s one thing that
disappoints me. When Steve passed he
didn’t give the ideas up. That’s kinda
selfish. You know that Elon’s like ‘yeah,
take these ideas’. Maybe there are
companies outside of Apple that could
work on them and push humanity forward.
Maybe the stock brokers won’t like that,
the stock holders wouldn’t like that idea,
but ideas are free and you can’t be selfish
with them.

“I think that progression of mind with the
advent of a human being named Drake
(laughs, smirks, crowd laughs) you know,
this idea of holding onto a number 1 spot.
And then you get this guy that comes and
blows out the water every number 1 of any
band ever. Be it me, or Paul McCartney

“I understand that I’m a servant. And with
my voice, with my ability to build
relationships with amazing people, speak to
amazing people. Call Elon Musk out of the
blue, or call Obama out of the blue…he
calls the home phone, by the way.

“With that, I have a responsibility to serve.
Why do I say the Matrix is like the Bible?
What is my definition of the Matrix? [he
never answered this].

“I work with an artist called Vanessa
Beecroft, and she bought my daughter
some toys.
“I’d see toys that some people would buy
for my daughter and I’d say this toy isn’t
quality. I don’t want my daughter playing
with this. There’s not enough love put into
this, this is just manufactured with the will
to sell, and not the will of inspiration.

“Vanessa is very focused, she’s like my eyes,
she’s a piece of my brain. She bought my
daughter these three wolves, knowing the
whole collection, that it’d play with the
song Wolves, and based on this concept.
And when my daughter saw these wolves,
I’ve never seen her so happy. She was
going so crazy, she was grabbing one, she
was riding on top of one…I’ve never seen
her happier than this moment. That level of
happiness seems to be the thing that we’re
fighting for every day, that we’re trying to
buy back, trying to work for, especially in

“In America people really do wear $3000
shirts. For real. Here and in Stockholm
people will be like ‘oh dude, it’s a $3000

“I’m assuming I’m probably wearing a
$2000 shirt but I got it for free from the
designer so.

“We’ve been sold a concept of joy through
advertising, through car advertising,
through fashion branding. It’s not the
concept of time, time with your family,
time with your friends, the little time that
we do have on earth and what we do with
that. It was somehow sold to us through a
Gucci bag or something.

“Time is the only luxury. It’s the only thing
you can’t get back. If you lose your
luggage – I’m not gonna say the obvious
brand of luggage that I’d normally say
because I’ve got a meeting with them soon
– if you lose your expensive luggage at the
airport, you can get that back. You can’t
get the time back.

“It feels like people do everything in life to
get this BMW, this Benz, to get this
townhome, to get 2.5 kids exactly. One of
them has to be small, y’know!

“And you’re looking for this moment where
you sit in your BMW after all the work
you’ve done and all the accolades you get,
and you somehow think you’re gonna get
that level of joy that my daughter had when
she received those wolves. And when you’re
sitting in traffic in your BMW, it’s
something that feels empty. To everyone
who reaches that point. This concept of the
selfish human, this idea of separation by
race, or gender, or religion, or age, or my
favourite thing to hate, class.

“People say it takes a village to raise a
child. People ask me how my daughter is
doing. She’s only doing good if your
daughter’s doing good. We’re all one
“We have the ability to approach our race
like ants, or we have the ability to approach
our race like crabs.

“This is a generation that is far less racist –
yes, small remnants remain of even thinking
of calling something of a racial slur.

“White people that listen to rap say
‘nigger’…in the privacy of their own home.

“That idea [racism], has passed. We’ve had
The Cosby Show, Obama’s president,
Beyonce’s great…that’s passed. But there’s
still something you’re taught every day,
especially in the UK, and that’s division by
class. Our main focus, in my opinion…
Imagine a world with no war, and imagine
if everyone’s main focus, more so than
going out to a club, their main focus was
to help someone else.

“I was joking with an interviewer earlier
today…people talk about the number of
viewers the Brits get, or the number of
viewers the Grammys get. They need to do
award shows for the Nobel Peace Prize, but
I guess that doesn’t sell as many
MasterCard commercials. Oh, I mentioned a
brand! [looks disappointed]…I had two
things…I was trying to get a flawless
victory on my speech! No offence to
MasterCard…but that was a big fucking
logo in the middle!

“You guys have been taught, without you
knowing, ways to separate yourselves from
each other. If you’re separated, you can be
easily controlled. If you’re too busy
pointing fingers at each other, rather than
holding hands, you can’t get anything

“You know, Chris Rock called my album My
Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy…well, Chris
Rock and everyone else at every single
media publication called My Beautiful Dark
Twisted Fantasy the best album of the last
25 years. This only came through
“One of the most memorable things about
MBDTF was Nicki Minaj, and the fact that
she kicked my ass, on my own song, on one
of the best albums… the best album – I’m
just saying what the critics said – of the
last 25 years. The best album of the past
25 years that I spent a year and a half
making, out there. I was exiled from my
country, it was a personal exile, but exile.
To come back and deliver my magnum opus
of a work, and to be outshined…to be beat
by a girl, basically.

“This was necessary. I think it was one of
the most important points of working on
that album, was to not stop her from her
moment because of how good she is. Just
think of a comparison, if you think about
why did it take so long for the new Yeezys
to come out? Why did I have to leave one
group and go to another group? Why did
that group not want to speak to me? I
think the Yeezys I was doing over there
were comparable to that Nicki Minaj verse.
Because these guys were like ‘we’re
worrying about this shoe, we’re gonna put
it on this celebrity’. And the head’s son
would come and say ‘my favourite shoe is
the Yeezy’. And it’s like ‘ahhh, I can’t hear
about these YEEZYS anymore!’. Like
everyone talking about Nicki’s verse, ‘I
can’t hear about this verse anymore!’. It
was gonna work for her anyway, but let’s
just say that in some way in helped give her
exposure. She was able to go on and
become a successful, and fly, and run, and
dream, and provide. And it was not locked
because of my career.

“One of my biggest Achilles heels has been
my ego. And if I, Kanye West, the very
person, can remove my ego, I think there’s
hope for everyone.

“When I talk about collaboration and the
creative process, the best idea wins.
“I’m proud of the consistency of the
performances I’ve done since I’ve been out
here. And it comes from four would-be
egomaniacs coming out and being forced
to work together. The best lighting guy on
the planet, the best staging guy, the best
video guy, another staging guy, a guy with
a laptop for no reason…To be able to
deliver, back to back to back, extremely
successful, inspiring, groundbreaking,
visual, visceral, creative moments that
otherwise would have been challenged. And
the kid from Chicago screaming from the
top of the stage for 40 minutes in a row.
I’ve had to pull that card out a few times.
Not particularly screaming, but remember, I
will scream.
“My momma taught me that if I was in a
grocery store and I’m by myself and a
stranger grabbed my hand, scream at the
top of your fucking lungs. If I’m at an
awards show and a stranger grabs my hand
and they say so we’re going to use these
moving lights, or we’re gonna play the
music right now before we define the look,
or we’re gonna cut the TV cameras in a
traditional way. I’ll scream at the top of my
fucking lungs.

“People say I have a bad reputation. I think
I’ve got the best reputation in the building.
They want you to have a reputation of
tucking your black nail polish into your
pockets and sitting in the corner of the
class, and not fighting for your ideas out of
fear of being ridiculed.
“That’s one of my favourite ones…to be
called crazy.

“I remember when I was young and saw my
dad working on computers. And the guy he
was working with ended up being a bad
guy. And the guys that helped him, that he
had the voice to find, didn’t have the same
motivation, a high enough skill set to match
up to his vision, to his dream, for it to be
considered to be a success. But the success
is that his successor will be successful in his
lifetime. You could say but you are
successful. I’m successful in learning about
the beauty that is afforded rich people. But
in learning that, being brought up, middle
class, it’s something that is beating out of
my chest. ‘Wait a second, I was middle
class, and I didn’t get to see none of this

“Let’s have an NBC telethon moment, and
say that beauty has been stolen from the
people and is being sold back to them
under the concept of luxury!

“It’s illegal to not wear clothes, and also
possibly too cold. That means someone is
imposing an idea on you that should legally
have to do! Clothing should be like food.
There should never be a $5000 sweater.
You know what should cost $5000? A car
should be $5000. And you know who
should work on the car? The people that
work on the $500,000 cars. All the best
talent in the world needs to work for the
people. And I am so fucking serious about
this concept that I will stand in front of
anyone and fight for it. Because I was 14
and middle class. I know what it felt like to
not get what I have.

“People say to me ‘you’re successful, what
are you crying about?’. I’m crying about
the people. I’m crying about their
daughters. Our daughters, as one family.
What good is it. What good is anything
that everyone can’t have. Every ism. They
think we’re done with racism. What about
elitism, what about separatism, what about
classism? That’s all.”

A bunch of words to help you kick start the new year on a good note.

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Hello world, how you doing? 2015 is here and its already 17 days old, some of ya’ll have set some new year’s resolutions some of ya’ll didn’t but either way we have collected some inspiration/inspirational words that will help you kick start your year on a good note and yes some of these words you have read/heard/seen them before but if you mind the massage they carry they will never get old or lose meaning to you just like the bible does to Christians.
from us new age history operators to you fuel your inspiration with the gallery below..

Runaway (Full-length Film)

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This is not a piece of art, this is Art in full. Published back in 2010 runaway is a short film by kanye west that features a compilation of songs from his album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ and it shows a romantic relationship between a man and a half human half pheonix, read the full storyline here on wikipedia and make sure you watch it here; http://youtu.be/Jg5wkZ-dJXA

Africa’s Richest

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Ventures Compiled a 2014 list of the 55 richest people in Africa and below are the top 20 from that list;

1. Aliko Dangote

Net Worth: $25.7 billion
Industry: Manufacturing
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 57
Number of Jobs Created: 32,900

2. Mike Adenuga

Net Worth: $8 billion
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 61
Number of Jobs Created: 6,080

3. Johann Rupert

Net Worth: $7.8 billion
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 64
Number of Jobs Created: 1,465

4. Folorunsho Alakija

Net Worth: $7.3 billion
Industry: Oil andGas
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 63
Number of Jobs Created: 800

5. Nassef Sawiris

Net Worth: $6.9 BILLION
Industry: Construction
Country of Citizenship: Egypt
Age: 53
Number of Jobs Created: 29,108

6. Nicky Oppenheimer

Net Worth: $6.5 BILLION
Industry: Mining
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 69
Number of Jobs Created: 15,365

7. Allan Gray

Net Worth: $6.2 BILLION
Industry: Financial Services
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 76
Number of Jobs Created: 23,345

8. Prince Arthur Eze

Net Worth: $5.8 BILLION
Industry: Oil andGas
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 62
Number of Jobs Created: 1,000

9. Gilbert Chagoury

Net Worth: $4.3 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 68
Number of Jobs Created: 6,550

10. Nathan Kirsh

Net Worth: $3.8 BILLION
Industry: Real Estate
Country of Citizenship: Swaziland
Age: 87
Number of Jobs Created: 870

11. Cletus M. Ibeto

Net Worth: $3.7 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 62
Number of Jobs Created: 4,500

12. Christoffel Wiese

Net Worth: $3.6 BILLION
Industry: Retail
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 73
Number of Jobs Created: 9,107

13. Isabel Dos Santos

Net Worth: $3.5 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Angola
Age: 41
Number of Jobs Created: 3,378

14. Othman Benjelloun

Net Worth: $3.1 BILLION
Industry: Financial Services
Country of Citizenship: Morocco
Age: 83
Number of Jobs Created: 21,026

15. Mohammed Mansour

Net Worth: $3 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Egypt
Age: 66
Number of Jobs Created: 24,926

16. Issad Rebrab

Net Worth: $3 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Algeria
Age: 70
Number of Jobs Created: 10,500

17. Benedict Peters

Net Worth: $2.7 BILLION
Industry: Oil andGas
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Age: 48
Number of Jobs Created: 11,000

18. Naguib Sawiris

Net Worth: $2.5 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Egypt
Age: 60
Number of Jobs Created: 17,850

19. Patrice Motsepe

Net Worth: $2.5 BILLION
Industry: Mining
Country of Citizenship: South Africa
Age: 52
Number of Jobs Created: 6,851

20. Youssef Mansour

Net Worth: $2.3 BILLION
Industry: Diversified
Country of Citizenship: Egypt
Age: 69
Number of Jobs Created: 18,875

you can click here richlist.ventures-africa.com/ to view the complete list with details on how these people generate income.