Just Read.

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I would like to share what I find rather useful in today’s society. The concept of reading. You probably have read and heard what I’m about to say a jillion times before but just allow me say it anyway.

Growing up, my Dad was an English teacher. I believe you already know what that meant for us, his kids. Yes, it meant we had to be overly conscious about our grammar, language and communication. He was one huge enemy of ignorance I had ever come to know. Whenever I had language assignments (whether Afrikaans, English and xiTsonga, cos those were my high school languages) I’d just hide them or probably write the morning it was due merely because I didn’t want any lectures from him. and honestly looking back now, I’m like “who in the world was I fooling really?”. From a very young age I had always been fascinated by words, literally so. How specific words originated, their rather prominent definition and of course how they were utilised, phrases and all that made up a language, if that makes any possible sense, but yea.

Anyhoo, the point I would so much like to make and hope it sticks up in your head is READING IS CRUCIAL in every possible aspect. As cliché as that sounds. Learn to read every single day. You don’t necessarily have to read a novel but it’s advisable to read and write as much as you possibly can. From random article, analyse arrangement of words, use of phrases and idioms. There’s a ton of ways how reading can change your mind, perspectives and stance on some supreme situation and circumstance in your life. Read for fun, make it a hobby. Better your communication skills, vocabulary and be knowledgeable. Be a useful tool to society.

Considering how much inclined we are with social media and everything developing around us, I do not believe there’s any excuse you can have for not reading cos there are links everywhere about random news, articles on beauty, health, relationships, social life, and generally life itself.

So, now, what excuse for not reading today do you have, huh?

Refuse to be ignorant.