Suli Breaks, the Expressionist.

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Suli Breaks

I have always been a lover of poetry, in all forms. From written to spoken word. So, with a great honor, please allow me introduce you to Suli Breaks!!  A UK controversial, conscientious and incredible poet who became known for his “Why i hate school but love education” spoken word. This video became viral in 2012 on YouTube (currently with over 5 and half million views), it attracted so much reasonable attention from most parts of the world. I’m not ashamed to say I’m almost addicted to his thoughts and perception of life in general. He has released his debut audio project entitled “The Dormroom”, you can access it from the links provided below. He knows what it means to creatively touch people’s soul through art. You do NOT want his existence to be foreign to you. Please familiarise yourself with Suli, I promise you it’s worth every second of your time. You do not have to be a lover of poetry for you to know or give him your time. I can go on and on about him cos he’s that awesome but for now, You can access his stuff on the link(s) down below:

Enjoy 🙂