The Expressionist.

Art, Photography, poetry


Here is one of Africa’s.  really really Really! Creative Photographers


He Is also a,blogger,writer,radio presenter and  a guy with fashion Sense.
Born in a township called Thembisa in South Africa, Anthony Has a unique sense of style which he Expresses on his photography.The Guy’s Photography in Particular is about South African and African Fashion. The Pictures this mister captures are amazing and so Extra-ordinary. In an interview by Adidas when he was asked about doing portraits. He responded by saying
Whether you’re an angry,happy or sad person; I want authenticity in my portraits, no makeup, no frills, no masks. I look to capture moments: what you’re feeling in that specific moment in time. This proves more challenging but when you succeed, the results often speak for themselves.” And indeed the results speaks for themselves;

You can check out more of his photography here;