Chance The Rapper


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Chancelor Bennett, better known as Chance The Rapper is an American  unconventional  and somewhat quirky rapper. The 21 year old singer-songwriter from “Chi-town” as Kanye West would call it, released his initial mixtape titled “10 Day” in April 2012, which caught only a few people’s attention. Chance did not give people’s negativity towards his music any light of day but went on to release a second mixtape a year later. “Acid Rap”, released in April 2013 as his second mixtape has gained him a major acknowledgement, or rather recognition. In the same year of release, 2013, Acid Rap was also nominated for Best Mixtape at the BET Hip Hop Awards, now tell me that ain’t some real stuff. I guarantee you an awesome listen to his music. If you’re tired of the mainstream Hip Hop music, then this is what you’re looking for. I promise you it will be worth every second of your time.

Down below is a link to his latest great tunes. ENJOY!!



Solana Rowe

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You might have seen or heard about “SZA” somewhere or from someone. If you haven’t then have no worry because today we do a short entry on the very talented TDE signee who is popularly know by her stage name ‘SZA.’

Well, who is she?
Real name: Solana Rowe
Born: 8 November 1990
Origin: Maplewood New Jersey

She has since released 2 EPs independently titled See.SZA. Run(2012) and S(2013).
Rowe released a much anticipated 3rd EP in April this year under Top Dog Entertainment.

I simply do not have the right words to describe her music because she is still new and still remains an enigma to me. I have also just been introduced to the PBR&B and Neo Soul which Rowe is popular for.

What I can confidently say is that her music is warm, soulful glitchy
and mysteriously sweet. SZA’s music is not the typical “turn up,” it’s filled with little secret excitements that one would wish lasted longer but she remains in control and only gives away a bit of herself.

We over here at N.A.H certainly look forward to more music from this beautiful soul.