Who would have thought
The angel would lose her halo?
Who would have thought
The she devil would regain her place next to God?
Oh! Jesus Christ I never saw it coming

The lust of the angel outweighs
That of the she-devil
Her beauty swiftly fading from my eyes
What was once alulaby for my soul
Now bullies my eardrums
My shoulders cannot bare the dissapointment

Who would have thought
The most beautiful tree would bare thorns during haverst?
No single leaf on sight not even the forbidden fruit
Yang took the farm of the night
Yin now resembles the idea of snow
Who would have thought
The tree with the biggest stem
Would sway to the tune of the lightest

Who would have thought
The sheep would hunt the wolf?
Young Falina now has red dripping from her sharp teeth
Bite marks she left on my heart
Will be sceptic and turn into scars
I shall forever embrace as lessons


Ctc Unmastered


World welcome the CTC (cava the combo) episodes  hosted by Joewe , Tervin and Thabo. What is the episodes about?  Well they touch on current affairs from fashion,music,art,social issues etc basically its “new age history” also with the upcoming episodes they’ll feature guests to make it more interesting. Now with the first episode they decided to unmaster it reason being to allow you to hear raw content trust me all this was done intentionally the world needs unique stuff/out of the box content isn’t it? well this is it! It’s here just give it time it’ll grow, all you have to do is kick back take 41mins of your time, sip coffee and have a listen.
Enjoy ☺